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About the Fool’s Journey

The Fool’s Journey is an inner journey, that seeks a transformation and expansion of consciousness to a non-individual level, which is entirely outside the bounds of ordinary, sensory reality. The goal is to be able to fulfill the real purpose of our lives here on Earth.

The work consists of two parts. First comes an understanding of the concepts involved, which include ourselves as physical/spiritual beings and how we came to lose this knowing. A map is presented which outlines the journey steps in symbolic form. These steps must be understood, but what is most important is the knowledge that there is such a process that can bring us back into full awareness of the spiritual domains and the part of ourselves that resides there, the divine, loving part that we are barely aware of in normal life.

The second part consists of practices designed to open our awareness to these realms.  This part uses techniques of breathing, visualization and stilling the mind.  Original music is an integral part of the process; it is used in unique ways to facilitate and shorten the journey.

The Fool’s Journey materials and practices.are the core of the Freeya Alliance teachings. Our premiere Initiation Event is a distillation of these materials and practices, distilled into a full weekend event. For more details, click on the graphic below to go to our sister site,