About the Freeya Alliance

The Freeya Alliance is a movement comprised of fierce seekers of spiritual union and service. It’s goals are to

  1. support the creation of a state of being within ourselves so the Universe starts to operate on our behalf, and so we start to become safe from harm,
  2. facilitate connections to something greater and higher than ourselves—something that matters,
  3. assist the discovery within ourselves of the unique ways we may be of service to others, and
  4. organize and develop different kinds of groups necessary to support these goals.

The Freeya Alliance is a safe island on which demoralization, discouragement and despair are nullified by hope, vision, work, and accomplishment.

Our Work

Our work takes the following form. We:

  1. Help people discover and then hold on to their inner spiritual center;
  2. Provide practical, emotional, and moral support, both online and in local groups;
  3. Sponsor a job corps that is co-op forming and community forming.
  4. Offer programs for people who wish to know more about our Alliance, and who may desire to become Agents and Companions of the Few. These include the Fool’s Journey practices.
  5. Maintain certain physical locations that provide protected spaces for personal interactions—and to just be. These spaces hold the special energy the Alliance needs.
  6. Organize, set up, initiate and lead progress on some of the tasks of the years and the ages. We help mobilize people to participate in the tasks they have chosen.
  7. Clarify and focus life meaning, which is a term that means connection to Universal Spirit through the auspices of the Few.
  8. Support and encourage people to act from the perspective of higher-level tasks, aims and purposes. There is plenty for people to do; no one will be bored.
  9. If necessary, we help people rebuild the foundations of their lives, if after all the new revelations, hopes, and possibilities the Few bring into consciousness create an unexpected impact.

A New Approach

We have taken great pains to devise new clothing and terminology for very old spiritual concepts. These are new times which call for new ideas, unburdened by outdated concepts and words used by the various spiritual and religious systems and organizations of the past. If you associate yourself with one of these, we hope you will be able to translate the old concepts into our new ones, for every spiritual and religious tradition carries at least part of the real path. But if you have no such affiliations, or if you have come to a crisis of faith with them, or if you are finally convinced that science doesn’t really have all the answers, then our terminology will constitute a new, baggage-free start for you.

Our methods feature Fred Cameron’s Fool’s Journey material, which uses an original interpretation of the Tarot cards and the Zodiac (not fortunetelling or astrology!) as an amazing framework for spiritual understanding and advancement.

About the goddess Freya

The word “Freeya” is a play on the name of the chief Norse goddess, usually spelled Freya or Freyja, and the phrase “free you.”

In the old Norse poems, Freya was the patron and protectress of the human race. She wore a beautiful necklace around her neck called the Brisingamen. This word is comprised of brisinga, which means the fire of an enlightened mind, and the suffix men, which means a jewel. So the word refers to human spiritual awareness, visualized as a unique and precious jewel.

However, in these stories the Brisingamen was stolen long ago, and so we remain separated from awareness of our spiritual nature—and this estrangement created the present, very secular age. The story means, therefore, that we have been diverted for a very long time from our proper functions and jobs here on Earth. We will examine in detail how that loss came about, and what its consequences were, right up to the present day.

The goal of the Freeya Alliance is to restore that lost spiritual awareness.

About Fred Cameron


The Alliance was created by Fred Cameron. Many years ago, amid an unfulfilling career at IBM, Fred experienced a mid-life crisis, and in 1989 had a spiritual awakening which led him to explore different realities beyond our consensus reality. He became a player in the New Age movement, but found it also lacked essential meaning, and did not really answer any of life’s big questions. Essentially, he realized that he didn’t know if any of the stories and opinions of others that he had accepted all his life were true or false.

So he set out to discover what genuine spiritual truths might still exist in this modern day that don’t rely on mere opinions­—a task that lasted twelve years and spanned Western Hermeticism, Sufism, Tantra Yoga, and several other traditions. From this work he wrote The Fool’s Secret Journey, a synthesis of perennial spiritual teachings

Fred is a researcher, author and lecturer. After earning a joint degree in astronomy and physics, he was hired as a programmer at IBM, and later ran a small software company for many years. Struck by a lack of meaning in all this, he experienced a mid-life crisis and in 1989 had a spiritual awakening which led him to explore different realities beyond the one science describes. He became a player in the New Age movement, but found it also lacked essential meaning, and did not really answer any of life’s big questions.

No spiritual journey can be completed by oneself. Guides are necessary to show the way and keep the journey safe. But since competent gurus are in (very!) short supply, Fred devised methods to reach personal guides through inner work. These are the Few, with whom Fred has had many encounters. The Freeya Alliance is the umbrella structure for this work, and gives it a real chance of success for many people.

Fred has also recorded a CD of original music, Memories of Home, using ancient tunings from Sumer that date back over five thousand years. This music, including his most recent work, dramatically enhances and facilitates any spiritual journey, and is an integral part of the Initiation Event and the Fool’s Journey work.

Fred’s websites include fredcameron.com and TheFoolsJourney.net.

Besides his work with the Alliance, Fred writes about and teaches these and related subjects. He lives near Seattle, Washington.