Wisdom Beings – Our Spiritual Allies

Of the four groups—the Many, the Powerful, the Few, and the Fools—the one we are least familiar with are the Few. Some are fully realized human beings. Some are known and revered in various religious and spiritual traditions from around the world, both past and present. Many more are nearly completely unknown.

Some are not human at all. These exist in a reality higher than the mundane reality most of us experience most of the time. Perhaps they were human once; now they are much more than human. But rather than give them names—which would only limit their actual natures, and probably  cause an inter-denominational ruckus—I’ll instead just list a few of their attributes & activities, as they relate to us.

They are powerful beings we can sometimes perceive, if we allow them into our awareness under the right (inner) circumstances. (This is something Freeya can help with.) They are wisdom beings that guide and advise us. They are our companions, whether we realize it or not. And they dearly wish more of us would seek them out.

They invite us to be like them, and come where they are. Collectively, they are:

  • Conspirators for the greater good;
  • Colluders of joy and comfort;
  • Dancers of delight;
  • A co-op of contingency disrupters;
  • An alliance of awakeners;
  • A league of levity;
  • An alignment of anomalous novelty;
  • Hierophants for half-understanders;
  • Recruiters of ridiculous feasibility;
  • A federation of Fool finders;
  • Purveyors of whimsical possibilities;
  • Lords and Ladies of Wisdom;
  • Composers of synchronous meanings;
  • Partners for imaginable plausibility;
  • A staff of serendipity;
  • Tutors of Timelessness;
  • Authors of chance awareness apprehension;
  • The Faculty for Fools;
  • Operators of openings;
  • A coalition of coincidence creators;
  • Senders of fortuitous signals;
  • Gnomes of extraordinary gnormality;
  • The Faithful Few;
  • Those who are awake;
  • Transcendental ticklers of boredom; and not least,
  • Fierce allies of love and light.

Get the idea? And in this day and age, we hardly know they exist.

The Agents and Companions of these Few are the people who have been able to maintain or recover their spiritual connections after the cataclysm, and despite the subsequent depredations of the Many. When we don’t find the meaning in life we feel or know should be there, we have a choice. One choice is to just go on as before and never really search for the meaning we crave, which is ultimately a defeat, but one many people live with their entire lives. Or we can do something about it. The search for meaning in our lives takes courage. We are adopting here a very old term to describe people who are brave enough to undertake such a search: we call them Fools.