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The New Spirituality

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The Vision

Suppose you could visualize unlimited hope for yourself.

Suppose you are invited to join a community you probably never knew existed—one that connects to higher orders of life—and joining this community will be the best thing that ever happens to you.

Suppose you could see—and then actualize—remarkable new possibilities for yourself.

Suppose you could clearly see the true meaning and purpose of your life for the first time.

Suppose you could be doing what you are uniquely suited to do, and at the same time be of service to others.

Then, suppose your life just gets better.

But something is holding all this up. Life isn’t good for many people. Something is broken and out of balance in the world, and so also in ourselves. If we knew what was broken, and how it became broken, we might be able to fix it.



Our Situation

Things are not fine in the world. It’s not productive to be in denial about that. Things aren’t fine in ourselves either, but that’s something we can change. We could go to work on ourselves if we knew how, and if we knew we had the right kind of help. If we knew we weren’t alone, and if we knew things were going to get better.

But can you feel it? The sense of uncertainty, edginess and urgency that is forcing us to awaken from our usual sleepwalk. The distractions of our mindless tasks are failing, and falling back asleep is no longer an option. We are aware of our discontent, and it aches. Meaninglessness squeezes us, but the vague memories of our purpose remain elusive.

The thing is, though, we may think we’re alone in all this, but we’re not. We have great and powerful spiritual helpers, but we became estranged from them long ago through no fault of our own. Today we hardly remember they exist.

But suppose there was a way to bring them back into our awareness? Then a radically better future for us might be a definite possibility.

The Possibilities

What we need is a new story, a new understanding about the world, and therefore also a new story about ourselves. A story that is true. A story that we can tell ourselves, and a story that we can determine is true or false by our own direct experience—not by the opinions of other people, or stories in old books.

We’re going to tell you that story. And then we’re going to give you the tools to make it true for yourself—if you decide that’s what you want to do. We can introduce you to certain others—certain “Wisdom Beings” you might call them, who can assist you to come back in balance within yourself.